Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


At Dairy Meadow we take great pride in our appearance and believe that presenting ourselves well can only be a positive trait. Please find outlined our uniform requirements below:

Main Uniform: Required

Black shoes

Black or grey socks or tights

Black or grey trousers or skirt (below knee length) or pinafore (below knee length)

White polo shirt with school logo or white shirt or white blouse

Royal blue sweatshirt with school logo or royal blue cardigan with school logo or royal blue fleece with school logo (required in the winter months or when is cold/wet weather)

PE kit: Required

Plimsolls or trainers

White socks

Black shorts or jogging bottoms

Red or Blue or Green or Yellow t-shirt with school logo (depending on which house your child is in).

Other: Optional

Royal blue book bag with school logo

Royal blue PE kit bag with school logo

Other things to note:

Any religious headwear should be white, black or royal blue

Jewellery is not allowed and pupils with pierced ears should wear studs

Make up is not allowed.


All of the above items are available from:

Further information:

A small supply of second hand uniform is available for parents who require this service. Please ask at the office if this applies to you.