Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

The Nursery setting

Our Indoor Classroom


They can share stories and play with small world toys in the book corner.

In our sensory room they can explore their different senses including hearing, smelling and touching interesting objects.



They can build up their finger strength using the playdough table.


They can practice their number and shape in the maths corner.



We have paint and collage materials for children to create artwork.

Children can dress up and play with the toy kitchen.


They can practice mark making.


Our Outdoor classroom

Here are some of the activities children might enjoy in our outside environment… 

There is a role play area outside which changes according to children's interests. It might be a garage, police station or even a rocket.

Children can practise running and climbing outside! We also provide other materials to develop children’s motor control including hoops, balls and tricycles.


 We have a water tray outside where children can develop their early science skills such as floating and sinking and learn more about measurements.

 There is a music area outside where children can explore the sounds of different instruments.


Children can create their own ‘recipes’, investigate mini beasts and learn why it is important to wash your hands after messy play!