Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Subject Overview


Aims and objectives:

The teaching of History at Dairy Meadow is about inspiring pupils’ curiosity about the past. Pupils are given the opportunity to enhance their understanding of how people’s lives and relationships have changed over time through asking questions and thinking critically. Pupils will be able to develop a perspective and judgement about the past and the impact on their identity and challenges of their time.

Teaching and Learning:

Teachers at Dairy Meadow use Cornerstones to select and plan History lessons based on their given topic. Cornerstones provides the subject content and resources that teachers can adapt allowing them to meet the needs of all pupils.

In Key Stage 1, pupils will be introduced to historical periods that they will look at in more depth in KS2 creating a basic foundation of learning.  In lessons pupils will compare life in different time periods within and beyond their living memory while also looking at the lives of significant individuals (globally and their locality) and their achievements.

In Key Stage 2, pupils will be building on their learning from Key Stage 1 continuing on with British, local and world history. They will be given the opportunity to devise questions, develop a stronger vocabulary and explore a range of sources that will help them construct their own educated interpretation of the past.

Additional Support:

History is accommodating to all learners at Dairy Meadow. Teachers adapt the learning to meet the needs of all children ensuring they are still learning all the same concepts. This is done through scaffolding lessons and differentiated work based on the needs of the children in the class.


There are a number of ways teachers assess History at Dairy Meadow. At the beginning of each History lesson, children are introduced to a key question they will be expected to be able to answer from the knowledge gained in the lesson. Children are also expected to complete metacognition questions throughout the topic which allows them to reflect on their learning and simultaneously allows teachers to assess how much the children have understood. End of unit assessments are also another opportunity for teachers to assess the children’s strengths and address any gaps in their learning.

Staff Development:

Teachers will be given time during half termly INSET sessions to allow for professional conversations and reflection on the impact of the Cornerstones topic that has been taught and plan for the next unit. During this time, they will reflect on what they thought children enjoyed, what worked well, what improvements can be made for the next unit and any additional support that they may require to ensure there is consistency in high quality History lessons throughout the school.

 Monitoring and Evaluating:

To monitor and evaluate the learning of the children and quality first teaching, Learning Walks will be carried out. During these learning walks, Pupil voice statements will be collected and children’s books will be looked at. By doing this, we can ensure the high quality of learning and teaching remain consistent throughout Dairy Meadow and it will allow us to gain a better understanding of what the children have enjoyed and learnt in their History lessons.   

Enrichment Opportunities:

Children will be provided with opportunities to take part in trips or workshops related to their History topic at least once throughout the year. They will take part in experiences where they are expected to use role play and drama to immerse themselves into the time period they are studying. These opportunities will give children a chance to apply what they have learned in class and give them a hands on experience about History outside of the classroom environment, bringing their learning to life.

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