Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Subject Overview

Religious Education

Aims and objectives

Through the teaching of RE, children develop an understanding of the different religions and beliefs which form part of our society. This contributes to promoting mutual respect and tolerance towards one another. RE lessons also offer opportunities for children to reflect on their own thoughts and beliefs, allowing for personal development.


Teaching and learning

Teachers at Dairy Meadow use the Ealing Agreed Syllabus to plan and teach RE. This document has been developed based on the diversity of beliefs within the borough and country. It provides teachers with an outline of the topics and themes that are implemented during RE lessons.


Additional support

It is essential that all learners are able to participate during RE lessons and are making progress throughout the year. To ensure this is achieved, teachers adapt the learning to cater for all of the learners’ requirements and needs. Therefore, lessons are scaffolded appropriately and activities are differentiated.


Staff Development

After RE lessons are taught, teachers review the impact of the lessons and think about what support they require to continue delivering high quality RE lessons. Teachers also think about different ways they can further themselves and their subject knowledge in RE.  Surveys are used to ask teachers for feedback. Based on this, next steps are developed to further increase the quality of RE at Dairy Meadow.


Monitoring and evaluating 

To monitor and evaluate the learning of the children, ‘book looks’ are carried out where children are given the opportunity to discuss their learning and the work they have completed. This allows us to gain a better understanding of what children have learnt and what they have enjoyed about the subject. Additionally, this ensures that high quality of learning and teaching remains consistent throughout Dairy Meadow.


Enrichment opportunities

To enhance our RE curriculum, where possible, we visit places of worship, allowing children to gain valuable experiences. This ensures that the students gain a greater insight into the religion they are learning. In addition, visitors of different faiths are invited to discuss their religious beliefs with the children and share their experiences. Through this, students are given opportunities to explore the religion further, which motivates them to learn more.


Skills Builder Links

During RE lessons, children are able to use several skills which are vital for their development. They are encouraged to engage in several discussions, exploring religion and beliefs. This allows children to apply their speaking skills, clearly communicating their point whilst also using their listening skills to attentively hear what others think.