Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

School Staff

Leadership Team

Head Teacher
Mrs A. Reed (Designated safeguarding lead/Designated teacher for looked after children)

Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs S. Alarakhia (Designated safeguarding lead)

Assistant Head Teacher
Mr. A Feldman (Designated safeguarding lead)


Mrs S. Salam

Teaching Staff

Miss S. Ross, Mrs A. Vohra and Mrs R. Dhanjal

Reception (Lily & Rose classes)
Miss N. McCarthy, Miss M. Geddes, Mrs S.Lall Ms J. Keelson 

Year 1 (Daisy & Tulip Classes)
Miss N Steadman, Miss A. Attia, Miss. F. Alam Miss B. Dhadwal and Mrs S. Sehmi

Year 2 (Buttercup & Marigold Classes)
Miss J. Virdi, Mrs D. Sahota, Mrs M. Munford, Ms M. Francois and Mrs M. Bhambra

Year 3 (Ash & Pine Classes)
Mrs F. Royal, Mrs A. Ali and Mrs P. Malik

Year 4 (Cedar & Maple Classes)
Miss F. Jama, Mrs C. Andrade, Mrs P. Uppal (P/T) and Mrs H. Choda

Year 5 (Willow & Redwood Classes)
Miss A. Joshi, Mrs P.Uppal, Mr A. Mcinnes & Mrs H. Koia

Year 6 (Oak & Elm Classes)
Miss K. Spilsted, Miss T. Nessa and Ms H. Poddar

Office Staff

Business Manager
Mr P. Harris

Office Manager
Mrs S. Khurana

School Administrator
Mrs V. Sall

Office Apprentice

Mr J. Cardozo

Premises Staff

Premises Manager
Mr K. Haines

Assistant Caretaker
Mr K. Pabis


Mrs Shahla Ghanizadeh

Ms Cristina Vlad

Ms Reena Kumar

Ms Shamar Nelson

Ms Sam Smith