Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Pupil Voice

Spring 2023: Why do we study Geography?

I  love learning about coastlines and am thinking of going to the beach.


Inuit people are special people in the Arctic who have their own culture. They are moving nomadically every day across the Polar regions.


It's important about learning about different environments to understand the world and the problems facing it.


Autumn 2021

If I could change one thing about my Geography lessons it would be for there to be more pictures and video so the topic can really come alive.

JM - When asked about how their Geography lesson can be improved. 

If I want to be a researcher when I grow up, it's important for me to learn about different geographical ages so I know when events have occurred.

AS - When asked why studying Geography was important

It's important to learn Geography as we can understand how mistakes people have made in the past shouldn't be repeated. 

SK - When asked why it's important to learn about Ancient Civilizations