Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Pupil Voice

15th September 2023 - Activating prior knowledge/Point of History.

A good historian - uses prior knowledge, learns from other people, embraces chronology and uses artefacts and sources.

All of us!


History is the study of how people have developed over time.



It's looking at significant people and learning from their successes and mistakes.


4th November 2022 - Focus on key terms.

I know that power corrupts - I can see that in our work about the triangular slave trade



The Anglo Saxons invaded the East of England in order to show off their power.



 I used the knowledge of Sargon The Great from Year 4 to create a powerful Ding statue in Year 5.


Autumn 2021

Last year I learned about World War One and this has helped me understand why there was a need for rationing and allotments during World War Two.

SS - When asked how previous historical knowledge has helped with a current topic. 



I'm challenged in lessons when my teacher gives me two choices and I have to make sure I get the correct one. 

AK - When asked how they're challenged in History.


My phonics sounds really helped me when I was matching words with pictures of William the Conqueror. 

HK - When asked how other subjects have supported their learning.