Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Dairy Meadow Reading Challenges!

At Dairy Meadow, we encourage all children to develop a passion for books and to explore those that they enjoy reading. Your child is provided with opportunities to read at school but we would also love to involve you as parents and carers in your child’s reading at home.

The department for education (2021) has reminded us that parents who support their children in reading books, prepare them to become committed and enthusiastic readers: they can change their attitudes to reading. Their children learn to focus and share the enjoyment of the story; they learn how stories start and finish, and how a plot unravels and is resolved; they learn that books can transport them elsewhere.

In the submenu you will find 30 recommended texts for each of your children for each your group. All of these books are available in the classrooms and also at Southall library. They have been chosen as they are suitable for your child and should offer a sense of awe and wonder. Once your child has read 10 books and provided evidence (summaries of the book, character descriptions, examples of blurbs etc.) they will earn a badge and certificate. In total there are 30 books to read and 3 badges and certificates to earn across the year. Many of these books can be found in the school library or in local libraries too.

We urge you to read regularly at home with your child for at least 10 minutes a day so they can become competent, confident and fluent readers.

We hope you and your child enjoy the books and the reading challenge. Enjoy!

Year 1 Reading Challenge:


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 Year 6 Reading Challenge: