Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Southall Proud - A visit from Suresh Grover

On Monday the 13th November 2023, as part of our Dairy Meadow Cultural Day, Year 6 welcomed Suresh Grover and Janpal Basran to the school to find out a little bit more about the unique history of Southall.

Our children were captivated by our guests who elegantly and clearly broke down the local history of the area. Janpal from the Southall Community Alliance gave us a brief history of the area, our young historians realising that Dairy Meadow got its name from the Maypole margarine factory that used to be on the site (the biggest producer of margarine in the world!).

Our next speaker was Suresh who took us on a fascinating tour of the social history of the area. He explained his experiences growing up as one of only seven Asians in his school of 1000 pupils and frankly told our children about the struggles with racism that he faced. From here he talked about the role the Southall Youth Movement played in standing up to racist skinheads and how the lives of Blair Peach, Gurdid Singh Chaggar and Abdul Malik were cruelly cut short due to their skin colour or beliefs.

At Dairy Meadow we strongly believe that all children need to be aware of the past to inform their future - we thank Suresh and Janpal for imparting their knowledge and enlightening our children through their first hand experiences. The event was filmed for the Southall Young Voices project and the school will be taking part in the commemorations for the death of Blair Peach in April 2024.