Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Heartlink Visit Year 6

It's an undoubtable fact that the London Borough of Ealing is full of beautiful, kind-hearted individuals. We were fortunate enough today to be visited by four such people. Lolin, Bernard, Mohinder and Bachitar are all locals who give up their time to work for the charity Heartlink - they spent a wonderful Wednesday afternoon working with Year 6 to supplement their work on the circulatory system.

Our junior cardiologists were fascinated to learn about heart health and had their minds blown when they found out that if you stretched the blood vessels of a human out, it would stretch twice around the Earth! We also learned about saturated fats and the dangers of smoking/vaping.

Pupils also learned about local cardiologist, Jaspal Kooner, who performed surgery on all of our visitors- children felt inspired to be the next cardiologist of Southall!  Our pupils had the opportunity to ask interesting questions that helped them gain a new perspective on heart health. 

This workshop had fantastic links with the Year 6 curriculum as they are studying the circulatory system in Science, lifestyle choices in PSHE, and keeping fit and active in PE! 

More information about Heartlink can be found on their website at heartlink.charity. They run meetings and workshops out of Ealing Hospital as well.