Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Carbon Monoxide Safety Workshops

One of our primary roles as educators is to ensure children understand how to keep themselves safe both at school and in their home environment. This week children learnt how to keep their homes and families safe from something that many grown-ups know little about. It’s called Carbon Monoxide (otherwise known as CO).

Parents, please see the letter from Cadent who delivered an assembly and workshops for Year 2 children. Cadent is UK’s largest gas distribution network and safety remains the key value at the heart of their business and they are committed to ensuring the safety of their customers.

 If your child is in KS1 click on the image below to access information from the cuddly caped crusader ‘Safety Seymour’:

 If your child is in KS2 click on the image below to access information from the cool 'CO Crew'. Both are on a mission to keep our children safe.