Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

A visit from Kuljit Bhamra - Tabla player extraordinaire

As part of our Dairy Meadow Cultural Day celebrations last week, Monday 13th November saw us have a visit from percussion royalty, Mr Kuljit Bhamra. Kuljit has travelled the globe playing the tabla (a type of Indian drum) and has composed many famous songs that you may have heard of - the Augustus Gloop song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory anyone?!

The children were captivated by Kuljit's playing and were able to see a musician who makes a living from playing music. A massive thank you for Mr McInnes for organising. 

There's some pictures and pupil voice below.



I liked having a proper music background, professional musician, come in to talk to us. It makes it easier to see as a job. - Raashid

I enjoyed playing the table, knowing how to play it properly, and how to say it properly. Bounce it up, then make a fist, and use your wrist to slide over the tabla - Farhia