Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

A Gift From our Friends at Pushkin Press

World Book Week may seem a long time ago now yet the experiences still live long in our children's memory. The aim of the week, so expertly curated by Miss Spilsted, was to promote a love of reading amongst the Dairy Meadow family - I'm sure you'll agree, it was a complete success.

One key point we wanted to reinforce to our children was that writing and books are not just for school, they can be your career! To bring this to life we had an inspirational workshop from Adam from the Pushkin Press. He told our future publishers about his: love of books, time at school and journey into one of the most world renowned publishing houses. 

Adam also kindly donated 25 amazing children's books to our school, all chosen by our School Council. I can't wait for our children to pick them up and be transported to new worlds. A massive thank you to Adam and Pushkin Press.