Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

How to prepare for nursery classes

School Clothes

Children should arrive at school every day wearing their School uniform, which can be found by clicking here.

We ask that children do not wear shoes with laces to school. 

 Please remember to label every item that your child brings to school with their name!


Every Friday children can wear their own clothes to school! We have a ‘colour of the week’ that we encourage children to dress in on this day. Please see the weekly newsletter to find out which colour you should wear.

This is available through the school website or by clicking here.

We aim to teach children to become as independent as possible.

To support us with this, we ask that you encourage your child to begin helping with dressing and undressing, for example putting their socks and coat on independently. Children should feed themselves using a fork, and begin to have independence with their toileting.

Please ask if you need support with nappy training!

What else to bring to School

Spare Clothes

Please provide children with a set of spare clothes in a school PE bag to leave at school.

These do not need to be school uniform, but each item including the bag needs to be labelled with your child’s name.

Please remember to include socks and shoes!


In Nursery we strongly believe in going outside, enjoying and exploring all types of weather! Please provide children with a pair of wellington boots that can be left at school, so that children can experience the rain and splash in puddles. They will also be able to use these in our Mud Kitchen to protect their school shoes. These can be any colour and have any decorations that you like!



Snack and drinks

 We ask that parents do not give children snacks or drinks.

This includes water bottles, as water is provided in school and we encourage children to develop their motor control by practising pouring water from the jug.