Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Hariavali Gardens

Southall is an awesome place to live, we all know this, however sometimes the hustle and bustle of life in our wonderfully busy town can get a little bit too much. This is when you need to find an oasis of calm, a small place where you can switch off and re-connect with the wonderful world that surrounds us. Think a place like this doesn't exist in Southall? Think again...

Hariavali Gardens is a National Lottery backed enterprise project, headed up by the amazing Kiran and her company Own Grown (in collaboration with SGSSS). Their aim is to make sustainable community spaces that everyone can use and enjoy. The Hariavali Gardens are situated next to Khalsa Primary School and are testament to how hard work can transform a derelict site into a garden oasis. Here, you can look around the greenhouses, marvel at the raised beds, compost the waste from the local langar and be amazed at the gorgeous range of produce being produced in our own back garden!

I really look forward to taking all our children there soon.

~Mr F.