Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Getting School Ready

Before beginning school, we would like you to help children practise some tasks at home. If they come to school confident in these tasks it will make their transition much smoother.


Getting Dressed and Undressed  

  • I can pull down my pants and trousers or skirt to go to the toilet, and I can pull them back up again.
  • I can put my coat on by myself.

Going to the Toilet

  • I can go to the toilet on my own, wipe myself properly and flush.
  • I can wash and dry my hands without any help.


  • I have practised putting on my uniform and getting ready to leave on time.
  • I have a good bedtime routine so I am not tired for school (no later than 7pm bedtime)


  • I know when to wash my hands.
  • I can wipe my nose.
  • I can ask for help if I don’t feel well.


Eating and drinking

  • I can drink from a cup.
  • I can peel fruit including bananas and oranges.