Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

From Mrs. Reed


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to all!

It was such a pleasure to welcome most of our children back into school last week! We look forward to our Nursery and Reception children joining us this week.


The whole school staff spent time last week preparing for the academic year ahead. We reminded ourselves of what it means for children to FLOURISH in school:

  • To reach their academic potential
  • To have a positive experience of school, forming secure, trusting relations with staff, who work hard to know and understand them
  • To develop socially, emotionally and personally so they are ready for their life ahead

Achieving these aims mean that children are prepared for the future, ready to walk the path in front of them with confidence.

Reception children

Our Reception children will attend half days Monday to Wednesday this week, settling into their new class, learning class routines and making new friends. They will attend full time from Thursday 14th September (unless specific arrangements have been agreed with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)).

Special Educational Needs

Our SENCo Mrs Salam will be teaching in class two days a week this year. She will be undertaking her SENCo work on Wednesdays so parents and carers meeting and calls with her will need to be on that day. Our Deputy Head Mrs Alarakhia, who is the Inclusion Lead, will continue to oversee the provision of support for children with Special Educational Needs.


If you wish, when your child has a birthday, they may bring some individually wrapped sweets (enough for ONE per child in the class) to be given out at the end of the day. Children will not eat the sweet in school but be told to wait to see if the adult collecting them gives permission. We do not hand out party bags or party invitations in school.


It is very important your child is in school on time every day. Ensuring this lets your child know their education is important. Late arrival into the classroom is distracting and disrupts other children’s learning. Some children arriving late become embarrassed or flustered and this prevents them learning effectively.

Packed lunches

Children’s packed lunches should follow our packed lunch policy here

ONE ‘treat food’ such as crisps, chocolate biscuits, cereal bars, may be included in a packed lunch ONLY on FRIDAYS.


Children should wear correct school uniform including school shoes. Trainers are NOT permitted. Children in years 5-6 may change into trainers for lunchtime play but must change back for the afternoon. Children may change into trainers for after school sports clubs.

Leggings may be worn under a skirt or dress if wished. However, leggings must NOT be worn in place of trousers. PE tracksuit bottoms should be plain black with no logos or words please.

We welcome donations of clean, second hand school uniform in good condition. If you need second hand uniform please contact Mrs Sall on uniforms@dairy-meadow.ealing.sch.uk stating the item(s) and size you are hoping for.

Keeping happy and safe

During today’s assembly to Years 1-6, I talked to the children about how to keep themselves safe. At Dairy Meadow we help the children understand that it is their right to be happy and safe, and encourage them to share their worries – big or small – with their trusted adults at home, at school, or with ChildLine. 

The assembly covered different types of abuse, including bullying, in a sensitive and age-appropriate way. Children learnt about the signs of harm and abuse, how to protect themselves, and sources of help including Childline.

Click below to see the content of this assembly, so that you can discuss this with your child(ren).




High School applications

 Information on Y6 applications for High School will be sent out within the next couple of weeks.

Best wishes

Mrs A Reed

Head teacher