Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Hello! My name is Mrs Cheung and I am the Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Leader here at Dairy Meadow Primary School.

Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility: 

I have always had a passion for teaching Early Years education and have taught in Nursery and Reception for over 9 years. I love seeing how much the children grow and change during their time here, becoming more confident and letting their personalities thrive. In the Early Years, we follow the children’s interests, which means that every day, month and year is different. 

 What I want to achieve in my subject area: 

I want to see each child in Nursery and Reception reach their full potential. Early Years education lays the foundation for children’s growth and development; we teach children essential skills, including how to express themselves, to make friends, and to read and write. This is their first experience of school and the beginning of their lifelong journey of education, so it needs to be as fulfilling as possible. 

 Things to look forward to: 

We provide as many real-life experiences as we can in the Early Years, so there is always a lot to look forward to! When we learn about life cycles, we watch real caterpillars turn into butterflies, and we grow our own vegetables and then eat them. Young children learn best through play, so we regularly transform into superheroes, pirates, astronauts, and veterinarians. We spend a lot of time outdoors which involves making mud pies in our mud kitchen and visiting the farm to find out where our food comes from.