Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


My name is Miss Spilsted and I am the Science Lead at Dairy Meadow Primary School.

Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility: 

Did you know?  Miss Spilsted was always interested in Science, as her father was a Marine Biologist and she studied Earth and Ocean Sciences in University! 

I love leading Science at Dairy Meadow because it’s a subject that allows our pupils to experience a hands-on approach to learning. Not only do I get to teach Year 6 Science, but I also get to speak to pupils across the school and hear how much fun they are having in lessons. 

What I want to achieve in my subject area:  

Did you know?  Dairy Meadow achieved a Primary Science Quality Mark last year! 

My goal is to continue embedding our Science ethos: Experiment! Explore! Explain! Exceed! into every Science lesson. As well, I aim to provide more opportunities to expand our Science Capital, meaning I want to ensure all pupils feel they can be future Scientists and explore their own interests through completing experiments and investigations at home. 

Things I look forward to: 

Did you know?  Miss Spilsted creates a termly Science Newsletter called “Mad About Science!” Speak to me about the Science you do in your class or at home, and I’d love to include it in the newsletter which we post online. 

British Science Week will take place 11-20th of March! I look forward to planning events for pupils and staff to celebrate this year’s theme of “Growth.” We have a lot of Science activities and events happening at Dairy Meadow this year including Year 4 and Year 5’s drama workshop “Our World Our Future” about Climate Change. We are also now using the Cornerstones Science curriculum- I am really looking forward to this new chapter of Science at Dairy Meadow.