Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Reading Book Lists For Our Community

At Dairy Meadow we believe that it is important that all children can see themselves in a book. As a school who follows the Fundamental British Values (FBV), we believe the texts in our school should show the reflect our community. Individual Liberty tells us that anyone can become an author or choose to have a character of any background or ethnicity. 


Booklist for our African American and Asian American Children.

2021 2022 african asian american book list.pdf

 Booklist for our African Children.

2021 2022 african book list.pdf

 Booklist for our Asian Children.

2021 2022 asian book list.pdf

 Booklist for our Fearless Females.

2021 2022 fearless females book list.pdf

 Booklist for our Middle Eastern Children.

2021 2022 middle eastern book list.pdf

 Booklist for our Refugee Children.

2021 2022 refugee book list.pdf