Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


Hello everyone, my name is Miss Joshi and I am the reading leader at Dairy Meadow.

Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility:

 Growing up in Southall myself and coming from a background where English was my second language, I always saw reading as a personal challenge. For me, it didn't come as easily as it did to some of my friends but once I began to find books that I was interested in and really took the time to delve deeper into them, I found myself in a whole new world. It didn't matter where I was from or what other languages I spoke, I was able to share adventures of stories with characters and facts from non-fiction with my family and friends. I want all of us as readers at Dairy Meadow to share the same adventures and journeys together.

What I want to achieve in my subject area:

 My vision is to have all children at Dairy Meadow fluently, confidently and excitedly reading a range of texts that they are interested in, from picture books, to stories from different cultures. I want us to embrace the skill of reading and empower each other to become the best readers we can be!

 Things to look forward to:

World Book Day is coming up on Thursday 3rd March! We will be celebrating books, reading and us, as readers! Serena Patel, the author of the series, 'Anish Accidental detective' will also be joining us as a star guest!