Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


Hello and welcome to Dairy Meadow’s PSHE page. My name is Miss Nessa, and I am the PSHE Lead for our school.

Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility:

PSHE is about the overall development of an individual, whether it be physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, or even having an economic understanding of the world.  Being fortunate enough to have a mother and teachers who supported all areas of my development, I was able to be the first person in my family to attend university despite facing many obstacles such as growing up in a home where English was rarely spoken. Due to the support of key adults within my life, I was able to make informed choices about the subjects I wanted to study, how to look after myself in the wider world and my career prospects; all of which I would like the children of Dairy Meadow to have.

Alongside Dairy Meadow’s school values of “Enjoy! Educate! Embrace! and Empower!”, the PSHE curriculum provides a safe and stimulating environment for children to be themselves and enables them to gain a better understanding of who they are individually and who they can be together in this ever changing world.

What I want to achieve in my subject area:

By the time children leave Dairy Meadow, I would like all children to have developed an understanding on how to keep themselves safe, healthy, ensure they are able to form good relationships with one another and finally become responsible British and global citizens. Because of our PSHE curriculum, I am confident that whilst pupils are at Dairy Meadow they will develop the skills to analyse and assess each and every situation that they find themselves in, where they are able to make the decisions that are appropriate and correct for them. Furthermore,   hope that our pupils will continue to use these self-analytical skills once they leave Dairy Meadow and in their later years. As a result of the PSHE curriculum, I would like our pupils to become confident and caring individuals, where they are able to not only support their own development but also support those who are less fortunate.

Things to look forward to:

During our Whole School Theme assemblies, children will be introduced to a new quality each week such as “being thankful” where they will have the opportunity throughout the week to display how they are showing this quality – thus earning the Theme of the Week certificate. As well as this, the pupils of Dairy Meadow will be exposed to a variety of significant people, particularly those who resonate with our school community, and have achieved a great deal despite their personal circumstances. Finally, I believe that it is important for Dairy Meadow to support its community and as a result, the school will take part in fundraising for local and national charities, whereby the children in each year group will collectively decide which charity to raise money for.