Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Hi! I'm Mrs Benson and I am the Maths lead at Dairy Meadow

Why I enjoy my subject responsibility

Mathematics is a universal language that knows no races or geographical boundaries; it is understood by all, but just at different levels of proficiency. This is my core belief, a belief that I hope to instil in all children who walk through the gates of Dairy Meadow Primary School on a daily basis. My joy for Mathematics began at a young age, for it was the one subject that my parents were able to support me with throughout my educational journey. The sheer joy of this led me to follow a Mathematics path through university, where my background in Economics and Accounting were heavily maths based. My love for Mathematics stems from a challenge element; just because we can’t find a solution to a question or problem on the first instance, doesn’t mean that there isn’t one!

What I want to achieve in my subject.

My vision for children at Dairy Meadow Primary School is that they build a love and culture for Mathematics. I want them to embrace the challenges that the subject brings to them and celebrate the ‘ah ha’ moments of success when they solve Mathematical problems that they thought were impossible. I want children to have a high level of Mathematical fluency so that they can confidently identify and apply their learnt knowledge in the wider world. However, my greatest desire of all is for children at Dairy Meadow Primary School to become so proficient in Mathematics that they never have to chuckle and say that they are not good at Maths, something which many children grow up to say as adults.

Things to look forward to.

The Maths Times Table challenge runs weekly, and I am looking forward to children working their way through the different levels of challenge so that I can award the highest badge, the Headteacher’s award badge to them.

Year 4 children will be sitting their first official multiplication tables check (MTC) in June 2024 which will showcase their level of fluency with their 1 to 12 times tables.