Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


Hello! My name is Miss Steadman and I am the Geography champion here at Dairy Meadow Primary School. 

Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility: 

‘To travel is to live’ is a quote that I support whole heartedly as I love to travel to different countries to experience a variety of cultures as well as explore breath taking landscapes. Turkey, Malta, Dubai and Spain are just a few of the countries I have visited and I am hoping to tick off many more in the near future. During the weekends I enjoy peaceful walks along my local river canal and enjoy taking in the beauty of nature. One of my favourite places to explore is Thetford Forest in Suffolk, which is where my Grandparents live. As the Geography champion, I hope I can pass on the love of travelling and nature to Dairy Meadow children. 

What I want to achieve in my subject area: 

I want all children to develop their map reading skills and locate countries and continents, as well as oceans on a world map with confidence. I would like children at Dairy Meadow to have first-hand experiences with nature and explore the human and physical features of our local environment. Finally, I want Dairy Meadow children to understand that they are the people of the future and they have the power to protect our beautiful planet.  

Things to look forward to: 

I am looking to build the cultural capital at our school by actively exposing children to a variety of cultural experiences. In the not so distant future, I am keen to set up connections with other schools around the world from many different communities to empower our children and allow them to be socially mobile and build networks.