Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


Hello! My name is Mrs Ali and I am the Geography champion here at Dairy Meadow Primary School. 


Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility: 

‘To travel is to live’ is a quote that I support strong heartedly as I love travelling to different countries to experience different cultures and to explore their breath taking landscapes. Turkey, Morocco, Germany and Spain are just a few of the countries I have visited and I am hoping to tick off many more countries in the near future. During the weekends I enjoy a peaceful walk along my local river canal and enjoy taking in the beauty of nature. As the Geography champion, I hope I can pass on the love of travelling and nature to Dairy Meadow children. 


What I want to achieve in my subject area: 

I want all children to develop their map reading skills and locate countries and continents on a world map with confidence. I would like children at Dairy Meadow to have first hand experiences with nature and explore the human and physical features of our local environment. Finally I want Dairy Meadow children to understand that they are the people of the future and they have the power to protect our beautiful planet.  


Things to look forward to: 

In March, Canal River Trust will be delivering a water safety assembly in school where the children will learn about the important safety measures we should take around hazardous waters. Year 3 will be taking part in an exciting volcano workshop and Year 4 will be going on an insightful trip to the Grand Union Canal.