Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


Salut! My name is Mrs Damree and I am the French champion here at Dairy Meadow Primary School.

Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility:

Languages are definitely one of my passions. I know four languages fluently and I am learning the fifths one. I understand what it takes to go from not understanding a language to becoming fluent. It is not an easy process but it is possible and fascinating. French is fun to learn and I have the right skills and passion to teach it to the children using my previous skills I learnt while studying drama.

What I want to achieve in my subject area:

I believe that in today’s world, speaking one language is not enough. The students who speak several languages have better opportunities in their life, both professionally and personally. I am hoping that our children at Dairy Meadow will be able to enjoy their journey with French as well as build the confidence to speak, write and read it, which will enhance their chances of achieving good grades when reaching high schools.

Things to look forward to:

Year 6’s are looking forward to receive the letters from their friends in France. French café use to be one of the highlights of the year at Dairy Meadow as the children used to have the opportunity to practice French with their friends and families, allowing the whole school to participate.