Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

Art & Design

 Hi! I’m Miss Geddes, the Art and Design Champion at Dairy Meadow 

Why I enjoy my area of subject responsibility: 

Art is made up of a wide range of human activity and expression, it involves creating something through imaginative talent resulting in something beautiful, emotional and powerful. There is no generally agreed definition of what constitutes art, but we can all agree that art in itself forms a universal language that everyone understands. I love that art has the ability to bring people together regardless of culture or background and create something new. At Dairy Meadow we strive to not only ‘Empower’ our children to be their best selves but also let their creativity be an ‘Embrace’, a way of coming together. That is exactly what art does.  

What I want to achieve in my subject area: 

‘An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.’ Charles Horton Cooley.  

This is one of my favourite quotes when it comes to art because it truly captures what the subject aims to teach, that everyone is capable of creating something with meaning. My hope is that every student who passes through Dairy Meadow is given the opportunity to express themselves creatively and hone their artistic talents. To experience a range of art through various mediums and be able to express themselves in a safe environment where their art can be celebrated and ‘Enjoyed’.  

Things I look forward to: 

This coming term our Key Stage 2 students will be taking part in a national art competition to help celebrate our NHS hero's and battle gender stereotypes. Our Year 1s will be exploring themselves and their expressions through our unit ‘Funny Faces and Fabulous Features’ creating self-portraits using various mediums.  Mostly I look forward to the students of Dairy Meadow discovering a love for art and letting their creativity flourish.