Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School


Why choose Dairy Meadow?

Why us?

Our staff members are committed, reflective and experts in their chosen field. We allow all of our staff members the chance to study and flourish within our organisation to ensure your children can have the highest possible standards of learning. We believe in the 4 E's of Enjoy, Educate, Embrace and Empower and allow these strands to guide our forward thinking curriculum. We are not scared of taking risks and will stop at nothing to ensure our community receives the very best. 

We’re passionate and committed to the development and education of our children.

Our young people are fearless, ambitious, positive, aware, compassionate, inquisitive, and use their mistakes to grow. We pride ourselves on having an open and safe learning environment where children's natural talents can be nurtured and grown. Our core learning is robust and challenging and provides ample opportunity for children to stretch their existing knowledge. Our cutting edge Cornerstones Curriculum allow all our children to gain vital knowledge and skills in sufficient depth to really understand a topic whilst keeping a close eye on how ideas learned can be applied in the workd of work. Our music, art, oracy and sport programmes allow our children to perform both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our parents and our community

Parents are responsible, realistic, and want the best for all our children. Parents are encouraged to support the work of the school and to work in partnership to maximise opportunities for staff and students. We are proud to be a Southall school and love showing off our local community. 

If you would like to arrange a visit to see our welcoming site, please arrange with the school office.