Dairy Meadow Primary and Nursery School

2023_2024 - Dairy Meadow Active Travel Map

At Dairy Meadow, our environmentalists love to take care of the environment. In a bid to improve air quality, lower pollution and of course burn off a few extra calories, our Active Travel map can provide some top tips on how to achieve these goals.

This map shows popular walking routes, times these routes take to walk, Park and Stride areas for those who must drive as well as safer places to cross such as zebra and pelican crossing. The school community can benefit at a time when walking and cycling are considered safe means of travel during the school journey. Families who choose active travel on the school journey may find it quicker than driving especially when factoring in the time taken to park and walk to the school gate.

Travelling actively to school will benefit us all physically, counting toward our 60 minutes of physical activity daily, but is also shown to improve their concentration for up to four hours: this supports the valuable knowledge children learn at school about how to keep themselves healthy. An added benefit of increased active travel is the reduction of congestion outside the school and therefore, an improvement in air quality for the whole community.


dairy meadow active travel map september 2023.pdf